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Foo Fighters tribute band


A number of the countries most experienced Foo Fighters tribute band members came together and formed Europe's foremost Foo Fighters tribute.

The live shows are explosive events and the band goes to every effort to reproduce the raw power and dynamics of the Foo Fighters.

Where set length allows, Fore Fighters aim to play songs from the entire Foo Fighters discography. They perform the songs with an energy and passion only true fans could and perform them in the same way you would experience them at a Foo Fighters live show.

Due to the Covid lockdown, we're been recording a few acoustic 'Isolations Sessions' videos...


Dan has been a Fake David since 2017, cutting his teeth in a nether foo tribute from the Nort East. He first started his musical career at 15 - Foo Fighters were a massive inspiration and the main driver that tempted Dan to pick up an instrument - it's no surprise that the first song he played live was All My Life!


A Four Fighter since 2003, Geoff’s musical education started early with two older brothers and one older sister blasting him with Hendrix, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Zepplin, Elvis, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Cross etc until he began to discover his own shizzle. A veteran musician who’s been playing since the age of 14.


Joined Four Fighters in 2014, he has been playing for ages and should be better. He studied music at Wakefield college & during his time in the industry has performed at guitar clinics with Robbie Gladwell, Hugh Burns, Neal Schon and demo'd for Eko and Minarik guitars in Europe and America


30 years on the tubs (we know, he doesn't look old enough....) and a Four Fighter since the dawn. As well as hitting stuff Ric is in two other bands, the bombastic Zero3 and the legend that is Ninja Chicken - he makes a right old racket in both and he loves it!
  • Simply brilliant, had a fabulous time last night. Hopefully see you again soon xx
  • Awesome performance last night
    Miss Nic
  • Increadible crowd, a mosh pit to The Pretender, on absolute fire. You guys kicked serious ass!!
  • Fake Festival such an ace weekend, Fore Fighters were incredible \m/,
  • Fore Fighters, your set was brilliant...
    Julie X
  • I got your pick !!! The one from gravesend firework night! Yaaay you guys were f***ing awesome ! loved it
  • I loved you guys coming to Derby, saw you everytime, would love to see you again.
  • You're still the best FF tribute band. Angusfest proved that.
  • You were not shit...
    Julien V
  • You are all such talented guys and where the best tribute band ever
  • Without a doubt the best Foo Fighters tribute on earth. Unrivalled in every way. Go and see them as soon as you can!
    Luke - The Fillers
  • Super talented, love them, highly recommended. One of the best tribute bands I've seen
  • They're amazing! I've been to every single one of their shows!
    It's just like being at a real life Foo Fighters show, if you squint a bit :)
    Wren Thru A Lens
  • You were amazing at Angusfest
  • You're all great musicians and the best Foo Fighters tribute by far